About Me


.... Name: Jae Won Kim
.... Location: Mililani, Hawaii, U. S. A.
.... Job: Itinerant Healing Minister, Evangelist, Teacher
.... Subject: Healing School-Physical Healing, Inner Healing,
................ Deliverance, Gifts (including discernment & Prophecy)
.....................Healing Ministry, Healing Seminar, Healing Evangelism.


About Pastor Jae Won Kim

I graduated School of Theology at Claremont in 1995 and was ordained at Calvary Baptist Church at Claremont. After ordain, I served churches as senior pastor in Hawaii and developed my spirituality at Fuller Seminary at Pasadena, California where I studied a course of Desires & Disciplines of the Spiritual Life (Dr. Tom Schwanda & Dr. Art Thomas) in 1999 and Deep Level Healing & Deliverance (Dr. Charles H. Kraft) in 2001. My spiritual journey was continued to finish the course of Isaiah 61 training and ministry in Summer of 2001 at Singingwaters Ministries, Orange Grove, Canada. My thirsty for God never ends and I kept on seeking God through many courses; How To Heal the Sick (Rev. Robert Ryder?Ryder Ministries, Portland, Oregon), Discernment Training and Exploration & Discernment Training & Generational Deliverance (Dr. Paul Cox ? Aslans Place, Hesperia, California), and Healing School (Dr. Cal Pierce - Healing room, Spokane, Washington). And I was trained through many seminars such as MorningStar School of Ministry Course (Dr. Rick Joyner-Fort Mill, SC). I translated a book “Learning To Do What Jesus Did” (Rev. Mike Evans ? Wholeness Ministries, Bakersfield, CA) into Korean and it was published in 2004. Throughout my journey to seek Him and training, God anointed me with power and fire in many occasions. As a result, I entered into new supernatural spiritual realm. I founded a non-profit organization “One in Christ Crusade-Healing School/Healing Ministry in 2005. I opened Healing School in Los Angeles and I have been teaching physical healing, inner healing, deliverance as well as gifts based on what I learned and experienced. I systemized the Healing theology so that everyone may learn easily and can experience the power of God. I initiated many healing seminars and meetings. I moved to Hawaii in 2007 from Los Angels and now I am operating Healing School and Healing Ministry and travel to do seminars and train team for church leaders in domestic and international. And I am planning to expand my ministry throughout the world. My goal is to encourage, to edify and to equip Christians as warrior to make them accomplish the Great Commission and I press on to recover the power and authority of Church. I have traveled many other countries to teach and seminar; U.S. & Canada, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippine & Korea...etcs.
(My references: Ryder Ministries, Wholeness Ministries, Aslans Place, Eaglerock Ministries, ACTS Foundation…)